The United States Government passed into law the Telecommunications Act of 1996 that allowed all major local television stations to broadcast over-the-air in digital or high definition frequency for free!

By 2009 all major local network stations were to cease their analog frequencies and utilize digital frequencies to broadcast their networks. The over-the-air quality of the digital broadcast is at times clearer than your current cable or satellite provider.

With Simple Antenna, you will never have to worry about your cable or satellite provider dropping your local network station because of a dispute. You will be able to view the top rated broadcast network television stations in HD quality over-the-air and on your television for free!

Some people are skeptical about the reception quality or not being able to get cable channels when switching to Simple Antenna. You will receive all network stations in either Ultra High Frequency (UHF) or High VHF (Hi-V) quality if you use the antenna within 20 miles from a major city. The fact is cable and satellite providers know that the future of cable television is through the internet or on a mobile device. If you drop your cable or satellite provider for Simple Antenna, you can still watch your cable channels through the internet or an internet video device.

You will not receive another bill for watching over-the-air broadcast network television with Simple Antenna!

Why throw money away when you get the top ten rated broadcast shows and sporting events over-the-air and in HD quality for free with Simple Antenna.

It is recommended that you live within 20 miles from a major city in order to obtain maximum reception in HD quality using an indoor digital antenna.